Friends of Hollinswood and Randlay Valley

Who are the Friends?

We are a group of local people who formed as a group of volunteers in 2010 keen to improve the Randlay Valley region of Telford through various agreed projects and activities.

We are supported in our activities by the Parish Council.

What is our aim?

To encourage the involvement of local communities in this part of Telford in a number of projects or activities, over a period of several years, with a view to improving Randlay Valley for all to use and enjoy, whatever age and/or ability.

What are the projects?

1/ To make Randlay Valley safely accessible by people of all abilities by:-

 - We hope to increase Police presence and therefore discourage groups of youths from hanging around.

 - Some of the paths need to be improved - (2013 much of this has already been done)

 - Overhanging foliage is restricting light to some pathways which cutting back should improve; we wish to manage the foliage and therefore improve the light situation.

 - Work has already been completed to improve steps, pathways, benches and interpretation boards (as of September 2013)

2/ To educate all on the extent of wild life, flora, fauna, and past history in Randlay Valley by:-

 - Local groups like the scouts and schools are interested in learning more about the Valley

 - We hope to discover more about the history of the area and make this information available to interested persons.

 - Shropshire Wildlife Trust is keen to support the development of specific wild-life areas.

3/ To make Randlay Valley a place enjoyed by people of all abilities by:-

 - We want to improve the signage by putting up new display boards - (Interpretation Boards erected in 2012)

 - Telford & Wrekin Council has kindly donated some seats which have been installed and we hope to obtain money to purchase more seats and picnic tables (Done in 2011- 12)

Please feel free to forward a copy of these aims or the link to this website to your friends and spread the word about our work - membership to the Friends of Hollinswood and Randlay Valley is free and we would welcome your help.



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